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2. Stock, Hauptplatz 6, 4010 Linz

Mag.phil. Alexandra Furtner, MBA
T: +43 (0) 732 7898 2286

Fax +43 (0)732 7898 83264

Our field of activity

Internal and external communication, Newsletter, Web content management, Press relations, Printed matter, Study information fairs, Co-operation projects and competitions, Events (symposiums, open-house days), Graduation ceremonies (master’s degrees/doctorates), Marketing, Social Media

Mag.phil. Furtner Alexandra, MBA  |  Head

Mag.phil. Derschl Daniela  |  Press Work, Social Media, Cooperationprojects / Competitions

Leitner Sylvia  |  Exhibitions, Events

Monika Mayrhofer  |  Newsletter, Web editor, Printed matter,  Event organisation (master’s degrees), Study information fairs, Study guide

Riegler Stefanie  |  Apprentice

Strack Martin  |  Exhibitions, Events, Fairs

Mag.art. Doris Diensthuber  | Web editor