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Admission to the University

If, in special cases, a personal enrolment should be still necessary, applicants can ask for an appointment in order to register for their study programme in person. In order to enrol online, please send this Declaration (PDFs only!) to studien.office@ufg.at.

After having passed  the entrance exam please come to the Admission and Examination Department during the admission period with the following documents (ORIGINALS):

  • valid (= validity date!) travelling document (passport or equivalent,

  • explanatory certificate if the documents submitted do not feature the same name throughout,

  • proof of general and special university entrance qualification* for admission to degree programmes,

  • current enrolment sheet if a student number was already assigned by another university,

  • certificate of transfer if you were already admitted to the programme registered for at another Austrian university, also if this admission was not recent,

  • any previous student number assigned by an austrian university must in any case be maintained and documented, also if this number was not assigned recently.

Foreign documents must be authorised* by the appropriate authorities in the country in which they are awarded and also certified by representatives of the Austrian state. Certificates in a foreign language must be accompanied by an authorized German translation. A translation made abroad must be officially authorised and similarly certified by the representatives of the Austrian state. For Teacher Training as well as for Architecture, Industrial Design, Cultural Studies and master’s programmes permission to study can only be granted when the authenticity, validity and comparability of the university entrance-qualification is proven. Furthermore, the specific entrance requirements for a particular course of study must also be fulfilled, as well as establishing the right to immediate admission (does not apply to EU- or EEA- citizen) to the respective course of study or the right to continue this course of study in the current semester at a university in the country where the university entrance-qualification was issued.

Legalization of Foreign Documents in Higher Education.pdf