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Application requirements, admission & registration

Admission to the master programme “timebased media” is contingent on a bachelor’s degree in a study area with interdisciplinary focuses, such as timebased and interactive media, timebased art or media design/audiovisual design, film, video, sound, communication design, or a comparable degree conferred by a university or university of applied sciences. In any case, artistic aptitude must be demonstrated in the context of an admission interview by submitting examples of
the prospective student’s previous work.

Career Options

The programme trains students to embark on a variety of careers in the fields of media-oriented research, development and design, with a focus both on established technologies, media types and formats (photography, film/ video, sound,time-based art, media/web art, games, etc.) and on innovative digital and interactive media as well as media hybrids.
By helping them address aspects of cultural studies, art theory, historical studies and media aesthetics, graduates are trained not only to embark on careers in existing fields of media culture and the arts, but also to work in new, future-oriented industries and professions at universities, as curators, etc.