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Documentary Drawing, N47° & N48°

Vernissage: 10. Juli 2019, 18.00 Uhr; Ausstellung bis 3. August 2019 Die Moserei, Scharnstein

Xian Zheng, PhD-Kandidatin bei raum&designstrategien, lädt zur Ausstellung.

Draw a circle on the earth, Scharnstein, Austria, in the west and Liaojingzi village, China, in the east, with the adjacent latitudes form a similar cold and dry climate, and with the differences in landforms, humanities, political and economic environments produce big contrasts in daily life. Thanks of all lovely local friends, ZHENG Xian, as a PhD researcher and lecturer in Kunstuniversität Linz, got her fortune to know these two ordinary villages on earth.

Xian Zheng’s first solo exhibition = 2 Documentary Drawings in 2 countries + 1000 hours working + daily life in natural villages on the adjacent dimension of earth. Here, she sincerely invites you to attend the Vernissage and exhibition.

Thank you very much for supporting:
Rudi Wittmann, Sophie Wittmann and whole families, Markus Moser, Karin Moser, Josef Pitschmann, Pepi Maier, Ton Matton, Herbert Winklehner, Manfred Grillnberger, Sylvia Leitner, Eva Fostel, Gerlinde Wohlthan, Ronny Nösterer in Austria.
TANG Liang, ZHAO Bing and her families, CHENG Chuanyao and his families and my lovely Mum in China.

Video © Josef Pitschmann

Plakat zur Ausstellung "Documentary Drawing, N47° & N48°" von Xian Zheng, 2019