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Aesun Kim
Interaktive Installation, 2018
Master Interface Cultures

What is the essence of human?  

How can a machine understand nonverbal language, such as gesture? According to Merleau Ponty: Flesh is a “midway between the spatio-temporal individual and the idea, a sort of incarnate principle,” which can be embodied with technology. As an experiment, this performance will show how we communicate with each other within the context of seeing and being seen. We are able to be a subject and an object at the same time. When we don’t share common language, how can we communicate? Like a mirror neuron system,  in the ancient times, they started to watch and copy their reaction.

During the performance, the dancers store their own gestural expressions in the garment. Gestural codes express the body movement ,and each piece of the garment expresses nerve fibers which record our body language to our cell. The garment embodies each other’s gestural codes show us the exploration of how a machine learns our body gestures. And through the performance, the audience can witness non-verbal communication from the dancers, expressing the body language which is imprinted on our cells.

concept costume: Aesun Kim
Dance: Bere Arias
Composer: Victor Taboada
choreography adviser: Kei MINOURA

Exhibition at: IC at ars electronica 2018, Linz, Austria

"Terminal.6" © Aesun Kim, Interaktive Installation, 2018