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Various artists

"COCO-lands" © Various artists, Installation, Online Platform, 2020

Online, Video, Photography, Sound, Performance

COCO-lands is a growing digital archive of international media artists dealing with the global COVID-19 crisis. Starting from March 15th, the participants shared their personal reflections on the various forms of isolation from a variety of geographical contexts: from almost complete isolation in Italy, over the strict measures in Austria, to the serious social consequences in the USA and a permanent isolation on a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. The contributing artists decided to create their digital diaries as a ritual without knowing when the process might end—first and foremost in order to inspire each other against the quarantine of their passions and against the virus as a social epidemic. Thereby they tried to understand and overcome the personal and social anxiety and the repression that are slowly becoming a central element of the current globalized lifestyle.   

COCO-lands was initiated by a group of art students from the master program Interface Cultures at The University of Art and Design Linz (AT). Biographies from each artist can be found on the website of COCO-lands: cocolands.xyz. A selection of all diary entries can also be viewed on Instagram: @_coco_lands.

Interface Cultures Exhibition - Ars Electronica Festival 2020

Die Arbeit "COCO-lands" wurde auch im Rahmen der Ausstellung BestOFF 2020 gezeigt.  

"COCO-lands" © Various artists, Installation, Online Platform, 2020

Installation, Online Platform, 2020
Interface Cultures