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Course reserve

The Library offers professors and lecturers the possibility of compiling literature on a given subject for the period of one semester. This material is then put on display in the reading room and marked. For the duration of storage in this “course reserve”, the material cannot be borrowed and thus can be used by all students on-site.

Course reserves SS 2019:

Christa Amadea

Blagovesta Bakardjieva - Illustration 2

Bedra Zeynep Balikcioglu-Sayin - Theory of images and media

Bedra Zeynep Balikcioglu-Sayin - Right-wing populism / Art / Media

Bedra Zeynep Balikcioglu-Sayin - The house, the temple, the tomb

Barbara Eggert - Study trip biennial Venice

Karin Harrasser - Speculative fabulation

Karin Harrasser, Jasmin Mersmann - Unleashed pictures

Leo Kislinger - Media pedagogy and media education

Angela Koch - Media theories

Angela Koch - Worth living

Sarah Kolb - Theory and practice of spinning and turning

Anna Maria Loffredo

Katharina Mayrhofer - Generative graphic and realtime processing

Jasmin Mersmann

Annelies Oberdanner - Figure drawing 2018/19

Painting and graphic art - Documenta

Roswitha Peintner - Digital storytelling

Marianne Pührerfellner - Lab I

Barbara Rechbach - Visual communication, design fiction

Martin Ross - Aesthetics

Genoveva Rückert - Theories of space

Wally Salner - Textfetzen

Sarah Sander - Constructed utopias

Gabriel Schor - Einführung in das kunst- und kulturwissenschaftliche Arbeiten

Gabriel Schor - Feminist Thinking; Gender II

Gabriel Schor - Methods of reflecting art and oeuvre

Gabriel Schor - Theorie und Geschichte der Bildkulturen / Alltagsästhetik

Peter Sommerauer - Professionalization

Anne von der Heiden - Low-threshold art

Michael Zinner - SchulRAUMkultur


If you plan to establish a course reserve, please contact: 
Ulrike Lindorfer | Tel: +43 732 7898 2255


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