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space&designSTRATEGIES designs a better world through performative research. By means of improvisation and pragmatism, the programme aims at generating content that asks questions of relevance for society and conceives possible futures.

For this purpose, the STRATEGISTS confront public space in a mode of continuous doubting, changing and improving and trans- late the resulting critical viewpoints into spatial statements and interventions. On the strength of strategically applied design methods, positions and arguments are thus situated within the socio-critical discourse of a broader public. Every instrument and form of expression of the professions concerned with design in the widest sense – i.e. art, design, architecture and spatial planning – may be drawn upon towards this goal.
By virtue of their spatially active criticism of the status quo, space&designSTRATEGISTS thus become producers of space on their own. The act of giving shape becomes political by situating the rules and actions learned within an anticipating context – neither as science fiction nor as a blueprint for a better world, but as an agile, alert design process; a permanent experiment; an ongoing navigation exercise that is sometimes more and sometimes less crisis-resistant.

“So the sense of possibility could be defined outright as the ability to conceive of everything there might be just as well, and to attach no more importance to what is than to what is not.“ (from: Robert Musil, The Man Without Qualities)

With this approach, space&designSTRATEGIES blends artistic actionism, forensic architecture and speculative design in performative urbanism, resulting in an active and activating form of research.

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Univ.-Prof. Ton Matton

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