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Prof. Dr. Mika Cho

Visiting professor since 2003. 
"Projekt BE" Courses: SS 2004: Process Painting, SS 2005: Process Painting, SS 2006: Conceptual Drawing, SS 2007: Non Objective Painting, SS 2008: Art and Politics

Dr. Mika Cho is a Professor in the Art Department at California State University, Los Angeles, United States of America since 1990.
She is an art educator and artist; responsible for training in-service and pre-service art teachers in K-12 education and teaching in undergraduate and graduate art programs. Her research focuses on teacher education, instructional methodology and assessment in art, evaluation of art in cultural contexts, learning style preferences, and aesthetic theories of art and philosophy in historical context. She published on art and art education and had numerous shows of her studio work.

  • Teacher Preparation at the California State University, Los Angeles, California
  • Presentation at the International Conference of BOEKWE: "Aesthetic Education. Models and Perspectives in Europe", Graz, May 3 - 6 / 2006

“Project BE, Art and Politics” SS 2009