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What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the programme?
We are above all interested in people with lots of energy and curiosity who like to work and experiment. The portfolio submitted is to show in a clearcut and simple manner what you would like to work on during your studies. The goal of the programme is clear: research-inspired design for a better world. Towards this purpose, every student is to acquire high flexibility and improvisational skills in our vehemently changing society. 

How do I apply for the entrance exam?
Every year, there is one entrance exam. You first need to register for this entrance exam via email to ufg.ac.at/Zulassungsprüfung. Moreover, you must submit a portfolio within the set application period via email or post. 

How is the entrance exam organised?
The entrance exam extends over one full day and takes place in Linz. Applicants must work on various tasks in the morning; in the afternoon, these tasks, the portfolio as well as applicants’ ideas for their studies are discussed in a talk with the members of the admission examination board, the teachers and the student representatives.
You will be informed that same day whether or not you have been accepted. In exceptional cases, e.g. if you cannot yet obtain a visa for Austria or are still living in Hong Kong, it is possible to undergo the exam via Skype. Please clarify these questions beforehand by email.   

Does space&designstrategies offer an interior design curriculum?
No, we do not offer a traditional training course for interior designers, as our name might perhaps suggest. Our website provides a good overview of the basics of the programme.

Can I study in Englisch?
Although the official language is German, and you need to learn German and take a test in the third semester, all teachers do speak English! Some courses are held in German and some in English. Both staff and student body are very international. You could say that, on a daily basis, the language in the department is a hybrid of languages, and all nationalities are welcome!

What is the duration of the programme? Can I combine study and work?
Yes and no; although we are aware that working on the side is often necessary to meet the basic costs of living, we attach great importance to our students following the programme very intensely. This means that yes, you can work on the side to study, but studying on the side is not what we are aiming for and will not be tolerated. 

What are my job prospects?
The curriculum is based on students’ striving for a “better world”; hence the security of occupying an existing workplace in our society should not be taken for granted. The goal lies in students exploring and discovering what they personally consider valuable. If this fits in with the surrounding system, you may be lucky and find a job; if not, you will have gained something that is worth fighting for the rest of your life.

A dream job might be working as a consultant for a mayor or president, with consultancy taking perhaps the form of an “artwork” – but not because it can be hung in a conference room with its “pleasant colours” that “look so nice”, but because the artwork is present, intervenes and takes a clear position vis-à-vis the observer.


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