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BA Grafik-Design und Fotografie

Sophie Löw Ruinen / Culk
Anna Miklavcic Träum schön

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Bachelor programme Graphic Design and Photography

The bachelor program provides artistic and technical skills in the field of graphic design and photography. Students engage over a period of six semesters both with analogue and digital media, develop and implement visual ideas into practice and are thereby enabled to combine the two artistic directions in a unique way.

About the course
The course allows students to fathom the limits of visual communication and to meet the increasing demands and complexity of the discipline with conceptual and deliberate approaches. In addition to free artistic practice the students develop applied and practical projects using digital, printed and photographic media. These include typography, printing matter, editorial design, corporate design, interface design, web design, information design and data visualization; analog and digital photography: recording techniques, laboratory work, studio, documentary and staged photography as well as historic photographic processes. The study imparts a critical understanding of the media and prepares students for a variety of requirements and tasks in the creative field.

Department of Visual Communication
The Department of Visual Communication under the direction of Tina Frank is a varied course with a diverse and contemporary curriculum. The individual attention and support in small working groups is complemented by a series of lectures, excursions, exhibitions and a biannual international conference. In addition the department offers a two-year master’s program in Visual Communication.

Univ.Prof. Tina Frank

Department Visual Communication
T: +43 (0) 732 7898 2375

University of Art and Design Linz
Department of Visual Communication
Reindlstraße 16-18
4040 Linz - Urfahr | Austria