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IT-Services for Employees

On this page you can find various different links and information for employees of the University of Art and Design.

Campus-Mgmt System - UFGonline
Web address: ufgonline.ufg.ac.at

Network name: KUni Linz
Access data = the same as for ufgonline
If you need a Wi-Fi access for guests or an event, please contact it.helpdesk@ufg.at.


Network name: eduroam
Username = p<employee number>@ufg.at
Password = the same as for ufgonline, FilR, Moodle...

Mail - Microsoft Exchange
Web address for employees: https://owa.ufg.ac.at
Web address for lecturers: https://sts.ufg.ac.at
Information about the access of your mailbox or the usage of clients can be found here.

IP telephony - Cisco Jabber

For application forms please contact the Economic Departement
For First Level Support please contact telefonzentrale@ufg.at
More information about IP telephony can be found here.

Online salary certificates - EIS UniPers - Portal Austria

Web address: www.portal.at
More information can be found here.

Time recording / Vacation requests - SIS
Web Address: https://zeiterfassung.ufg.at
The IT-Department only operates the server, for further questions please contact the Personnel Departement.

Data Storage
More information concerning our storage systems can be found here.

Printing - iPrint
Network printers are managed via iPrint, you can find more information here.

Video conference
Web address: https://kuni-linz.webex.com
If you need an account, please send a mail to it.helpdesk@ufg.at

Remote Maintenance
Within the network of the University we use ZenWorks for remote maintenance. Outside the network we use Webex Support. If you have further questions, please contact it.helpdesk@ufg.at


T: +43 732 7898 3270
Room: H60139 + H60150-52
T: +43 732 7898 3204
Room: H60140
Simon Bauer
T: +43 732 7898 2291
Room: H60140