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Ordering items via ILL


Generally speaking, you can order books, theses and articles via inter-library loan, provided that they are not held by any library in Linz. Therefor, you only need to fill in the relevant form via the online catalogue by clicking on the menu item ILL.

Delivery takes about 1-2 weeks for books arriving from Austria and about 2-4 weeks for titles delivered from abroad. You have to pay an all-inclusive service charge of € 4 for each item coming from an Austrian library and of € 8 for each item coming from abroad. For photocopies you have to pay € 4 again (up to 10 pages) or € 8 (11-50 pages). Each additional page costs € 0,40.

For all further information or questions, please contact us via Email
(ADir. Ursula Ganglbauer, phone: 43 732 7898 254)


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