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César Escudero Andaluz
Interaktive Installation, 2015
Interface Cultures 

Artificial life interfaces fight between each other. Under the aesthetic of dysfunction, Interfight is a physical, kinetic interface. It takes the human body capacitance as input. The artwork is made of conductive material, interacting with another graphical interface on capacitive surfaces like touch-screens. The contact between both interfaces, cause a physical reaction (gravity, friction, vibration).

The graphic interface is an Android app, which is developed to duplicate the Android GUI itself. Desktop icons receive animal behaviour causing aggressive reactions against the physical interface.

Interfight becomes especially interesting when it behaves freely through the tablet Operating System. It acts as annoying intruder; clicking, opening and closing applications, taking decisions, collapsing social networks, typing random comments and posting then in your name.  

Exhibition at: IC at ars electronica 2015, Linz, Austria

"Interfight" © César Escudero Andaluz
"Interfight" © César Escudero Andaluz