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Soundstudio K2

Experimental Educational and Production Studio

The Soundstudio, located in Domgasse 1, is defined as an experimental audio-production and educational environment, open for all students of the Arts University Linz

Both, Equipment and room-situation offer a basic environment for a variety of different approaches concerning audio-production and acoustic work and experiments.

The Soundstudio seeks both, cooperation and complement with the Audio-Studio of “Zentrale Medienwerkstätte” of the Arts University, located in Reindlstrasse, thus it's focus is set as a complement to the Audio-Studio in Reindlstrasse.

Therefor Mastering, Sourround-Sound Production and Video- and Movie Soundtracks will remain as untouched domain of the Studio in Reindlstrasse, while the main focus of the Soundstudio is preproduction, sound- and voice-recordings using both, the dry recording-room and the big studio room-situation, offering some reverberation. A second main focus lies on experimental sound production, sound genesis and sound-editing using a variety of software based tools as well as analog synthesis. Therefor a modular analog synthesizer is under construction and will be available soon.

Besides that the Soundstudio is dedicated to education concerning sound- and studio-work.At the moment this mainly is focused on basics in studio work and audio-production and to provide enough practice environment, the studio is extended with a special audio-software lecture-room, the OSX – Audio Room of the ZID (KO0223) which offers a total of 6 work- and practice-stations.

"Chicks on Speed" und Studierende von Interface Cultures bei einem schnellen, improvisierten Aufnahmetermin für ein Album und die neue Studio - Schallverbesserung

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