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Pervasive Computing and the Industrial IoT

22. Jänner 2018, 10.00 Uhr Interface Culture Lecture Room, Domgasse 1, 3.OG

Gastvortrag von Michael Haslgrübler im Rahmen der Interface Lectures Series

This talk will provide a brief history of Pervasive Computing and how it is interleaved with the Internet of Things. I will present previous work done at the Institute for Pervasive Computing and present technologies which are the very foundation of modern Internet of Things Architectures and how we apply these technologies to build complex Internet of Things ecosystems which can be used in industrial production. The talk will present work done in two different industrial projects. The first project, attentive machines, is concerned with how to build an environment where industrial machines are attentive towards their users and help fulfil quality and safety goals. The second project, eye-controlled machines, aims towards building wearable technology which assists workers in their everyday work e.g. by augmenting reality.

Michael Haslgrübler www.pervasive.jku.at/Haslgrübler

Institute for Pervasive Computing www.pervasive.jku.at

Project on Attentive Machines www.pervasive.jku.at/Research/Projects

Project on Eye-Controlled Machines www.pervasive.jku.at/Research/Projects