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Ana Dumitrache

"OTA-Care" © Ana Dumitrache, Masterarbeit, 2019

Designing an e-health application to help panic attacks and agoraphobia. The work stands for digitizing a form of cognitive behavior therapy, tailored for individuals who suffer from panic disorder and agoraphobia. My intervention as a designer is to adapt classical techniques and methods used by clinicians into a mobile, personalized service through design thinking. The goal is to reduce the occurrences of a panic attack through a recovery path. The impact of the OTA-Care service stands in making an accessible Cognitive Behavior Therapy program, available and personalized for a high range of cases (mild to moderate-severe). The program includes: Psychoeducation Exposure therapy, Cognitive restructuring tasks, mood tracking, Panic hacks and a Chatbot coach.

Masterarbeit, 2019
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"OTA-Care" © Ana Dumitrache, Masterarbeit, 2019