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Printed Matter

Self-Publishing Workshop
Edited by Lukas Feireiss

Participants:Robert Aigner, Juvan Anze, Amanda Augustin, Christopher Berger, Eveline Handlbauer, Lorena Höllrigl, Nina Mahringer, Alexander Maitz, Sandra Menden, Atena Moavenzadeh Ghaznavi, Ilona Naghiyeva, Iryna Lubiana, Anna Pech, Evi Pribyl, Klaus Reznicek, Suoyang Sheng, Thomas Stempka, Jan Tropschug, Martin Winkler, Zorica Zeljkovic
Editorial Staff: Amanda Augustin, Eveline Handlbauer, Lorena Höllrigl, Alexander Maitz, Evi Pribyl, Martin Winkler
Graphic Design: Martin Winkler, Eveline Handlbauer

Following up the winter semester's three-day excursion and workshop in Berlin the participants develop, write, design and print a journal of student's works.The journal brings together exemplary works of the transdisciplinary Bachelor and Master program space&designstrategies at the University of Art and Design Linz, Austria. The reader ispresented with an archive of student works, research themes, as well as topical seminars that explore multitude notions of space and design. It offers an eclectic panorama and unconventional assortment of artistic pursuits and creative explorations. Developed, edited and produced by the student body the lexical assemblage reflects thewide interdisciplinary field of speculative inquiry and performative production, in which space&designstrategiescritically engages.

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