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Teacher Training NEW // Middle Cluster (Oberösterreich und Salzburg)

As part of a drive for uniformity among the various types of secondary education schools, there is now a standard education for teachers in these subjects. In the near future, pupils from grade 5 onwards (secondary education I and II) will be taught by uniformly-educated teachers.

Ten institutions from Upper Austria and Salzburg have grouped themselves together in a united regional cluster, called the Middle Cluster (Cluster Mitte), and offer teaching courses for secondary education in all types of schools. Within this cluster there is one curriculum for all teaching studies. This is why it is possible for students to attend lessons at all institutions that are part of the Middle Cluster.

The subject must be combined with either another subject from the pool of teaching subjects offered by the Middle Cluster, or with one of the specializations Inclusive Education or School and Religion (see here for further information about optional combinations). The teaching education is completed through a combination with the „Allgemeinen Bildungswissenschaften“ (General Educational Studies) and the practical work, as in teaching in schools, which is supervised by the lessons Pädagogisch-Praktische Studien (Practical Teaching Studies) and Fachdidaktik (Subject Didactics).

The educational and artistic abilities will be tested in a multistep testing process.

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