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Floating University Berlin

Studierende von raum&designstrategien

"Floating University", 2018, Foto © Victoria Tomaschko

At a almost forgotten place in the center of Berlin, Raumlabor built a Floating University right next to the Tempelhofer airfield in its concrete rainwater basin. The basin is a specially built space to collect the water of the closed concrete surface of the Tempelhofer airfield, which cant flow back to the natural water circle. With a group of 10 students we went there from the 4th to the 11th of May to observe and explore the territory around the rainwater basin and the ongoing things at the floating university.

On the other side of the floating university we created our own land in the rainwater basin - a Polder. Its a dutch word for an area with low-lying tract of land surrounded by water, with the help of pumps the area stays dry. Using sandbags, filled with material we found in the space, we created our Baywatch Island to overview the floating university and be ready to help out in need - although in Slow-motion. 

Through the week we made a tree -trunk drilling station for some plumbing work for the filter system at the floating university and a tree trunk bar. The grand finale was our Baywatch Slowmotion run on the opening day. The last one wins. 


"Floating University", 2018, Fotos © Victoria Tomaschko

Projekt, 2018
Raum & Design / raum&designstrategien