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The University of Art and Design Linz will start the new semester with regular classes (physical attendance).

Highly motivated, we are returning to our university and looking forward to allowing unrestricted, diverse studies.

We want to experience the university as a place of lively exchange, of teaching and learning together. For this reason, we have decided to introduce ’3G’ regulations for all university members and visitors. We will start the new semester vaccinated, recovered or tested.

The Rectorate appeals to all unvaccinated university members to get a vaccination. In addition to existing vaccination programmes (Österreich impft - Land Oberösterreich, POP-UP Impfstrasse an der JKU), you can get vaccinated at Domgasse on 4 October (Further Details). Vaccinated students will be able to use workshops and studios 24/7. You access card will be activated after you have produced a vaccination certificate.

All necessary information on the regulations currently in effect are listed on this page.

We look forward to seeing you again at the university and wish you a colourful, inspiring and successful academic year 2021/22.

The Rectorate and the ÖH of the University of Art and Design Linz would like to ask all students who haven't done so yet: Please get vaccinated.

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Current regulations and preventative measures for exhibitions and events regarding traffic light status YELLOW.

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Warum die Impfung wichtig ist sowie nützliche Hinweise, die es vor bzw. nach der Impfung zu beachten gilt.

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Course of action for (suspected) cases of COVID-19

Due to the occurrence of several cases of suspected corona and corona disease at the University of Art and Design Linz, the Rectorate has developed the following procedure and asks you to follow it in cases of suspected corona or corona disease: Download course of action as PDF

Since the occurrence of infections can change anytime, the University of Art and Design Linz adopts the four-phase traffic light system introduced by the Federal Government.

Corona green
Infection numbers are stable and at a low level.

Moderate increase of infections. Increased caution is necessary.

Sharp increase of infections. Additional, strict precautionary measures are introduced.

Infection numbers are so high that only distance teaching and home-work is possible.

Based on the current situation, the public health authority decides which traffic light phase is applicable for the districts of Linz and Vienna (IFK). In justified cases, the University of Art and Design Linz may decide to apply a stricter traffic light status.

Traffic light phases currently valid for the places of residence of university members are not applicable.

Lecturers from countries for which the government has issued a travel warning are required to consult the HR department concerning distance teaching and social insurance law.

The currently applicable traffic light status is announced through the university’s channels of communication (website, newsletter).

Die Einschränkungen infolge der Corona-Pandemie werfen eine Reihe von Fragen und Problemen auf. Auf dieser Seite möchten wir den Studierenden der Kunstuniversität Linz eine Übersicht diverser Hilfsangebote geben.

Von den Maßnahmen zur Bekämpfung der Ausbreitung des Corona-Virus sind alle betroffen, für in Kunst und Kultur Tätige kann der Einnahmenausfall existenzbedrohend sein. Hier ist eine Zusammenschau der unterschiedlichen Organisationen, die Unterstützungsmöglichkeiten anbieten, bzw. auflisten, um akute Notlagen von Kulturvereinen sowie KünstlerInnen- und KulturarbeiterInnen abzufedern.

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The newsletter of the University of Art and Design Linz also contains all current information regarding coronavirus.

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