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Gastvortrag von Jana Horáková

18. Dezember 2019, 11.00 Uhr Kunstuniversität Linz, Domgasse 1, DO0327

Interface Cultures lädt im Rahmen der INTERFACE CULTURES INVITED LECTURE SERIES zum Vortrag:

Computer Graphic Revisited & Vašulka Kitchen BrnoPast and Present of New Media Art in Brno

The lecture introduces two milestones of new media art history in Brno, Czech Republic. It will start with one of the very first exhibitions of computer art worldwide which took place in the Brno House of Arts in 1968. This little-known exhibition will be described both from the historiographical perspective, and from the point of view of it reconstruction using fully immersive virtual reality system (2017, 2018).
The second milestone to be introduced is an opening of Vašulka Kitchen Brno – Center of New Media Art (2018) dedicated to the work and legacy of pioneers of video art: Brno native Woody Vašulka and his wife Steina. Beside information about the center and its mission, the research project using machine learning to deal with content of the archive, and to test potential of these new tools for research, and mediation of the Vasulkas work and poetics to the contemporary audience will be discussed. Vašulka Kitchen Brno www.vasulkakitchen.org

Jana Horáková
works as an associate professor (habilitation in aesthetics), and as a head of the Theory of Interactive Media study program (BA, MA) at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University. She is a member of Vašulka Kitchen Brno association too. In recent years, she has focused her research on mapping of new media art discipline transformation after the burst of the so-called 'dot-com bubble' as well as on exploring innovative approaches in digital art historiography. Contact: horakova@phil.muni.cz
Publications: www.muni.cz/en/people/14870-jana-horakova/publications


Jana Horáková