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Symposium Universitas: Day 1 - Ars Electronica Festival 2021

8. September 2021, 15.00 Uhr In Kepler's Gardens, LIT Open Innovation Center

Manuela Naveau, professor of critical data, will speak at the symposium.

Manuela Naveau
Presentation: Nosing Around – for a mutual drift of research practices

During the last summer semester, the Interface Cultures department of the University of Art and Design Linz collaborated with the Technical University Vienna (Architecture and Spatial Planning, Future Lab) and the Cyens Centre for Excellence in Cyprus. The goal of both projects was the interdisciplinary exchange between artists, computer scientists, architects and urban planners. In both courses, roaming together, a non-goal-oriented observation was the method. Referring to the sociologist Robert E. Park, who was active more than a hundred years ago, “Nosing around” makes it possible to detect connections that have not yet been recognized. The question arises: Is science and its institutions now ready to tackle new assessments of hybrid experiments?